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Facial Rejuvenation Case Studies

Our case studies include before and after photos of our happy patients with facial rejuvenation treatment.

Case Study Facial Rejuvenation London

Case #216 : Facial Rejuvenation

Courtesy: Dr. Nico Kamosi

The patient requested enhancement of the volume of both upper and lower lip with a natural-looking.

Restylane® replaces the age-related diminished hyaluronic acid in lips, makes them feel healthier, softer and more hydrated as well as restores the lips their fullness and contour/line definition. The body of the upper and lower lip was augmented with 0.6ml resp. 0.4ml using the linear threading technique.

Case #217 : Gummy Smile

Courtesy: Dr. Nico Kamosi

In this case, the clinical features of GS or EGD are caused by combined aetiologies, cause-related interdisciplinary approaches are frequently indicated in the form of periodontal surgical approaches, orthodontics, and/or surgically facilitated orthodontic treatments. Although Botulinum toxin A could effectively rectify GS caused by hypermobile lip I mild VME cases, however, this approach requires repeated treatments.

To mask mild to moderate cases of VME due to hypermobile upper lip, lip-repositioning/ reverse vestibulopathy procedure has been popularized recently to correct such GS cases permanently.