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Patient Referrals

We welcome referrals from our referring colleagues to undertake specialist multi-disciplinary procedures as below:

Periodontology referral

  • Periodontal assessment and report
  • Conventional and regenerative non-surgical periodontal treatment
  • Conventional and regenerative surgical periodontal treatment
  • Root resection/ separation/ pre-molarisation
  • Regenerative of Endo-perio lesions
  • Apicectomy, Apexification, GBR
  • Gingival transplant
  • pre/post Orthodontic soft/hard tissue augmentation
  • Pre/post Prosthodontic soft tissue augmentation
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) of periodontal lesions
  • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) of dehiscence and fenestrations
  • Pre/post-orthodontic EMD and GBR to regenerate and restore periodontal dehiscence and fenestration lesions
  • Gingival and Osseous re-contouring
  • Crown lengthening
  • Accelerated Orthodontic using a non-invasive Piezocision technique
  • Correction of excessive gingival display or gummy smile

Surgical and Prosthodontic aspects of dental Implantology

  • Immediate or delayed placement of single and multiple implants
  • Pre-implant regenerative procedures
  • Pre-implant orthodontic dental alignment and restorative space management
  • Prosthetic design, fabrication, and insertion of fixed & removable implant-supported prostheses
  • Treatment of implant bio-mechanical failures, e.g., peri-implant infection, some screw fractures
  • Peri-implant soft-tissue and hard-tissue management
  • GBR of localised bone ridge atrophy
  • Flapless, immediate/delayed/late placement of the most scientifically documented dental implants based on their biomechanical indications
  • Placement of the Nobel-pearl™ Zirconium white dental implants based on the patient’s preference and aesthetic indication
  • Modification of the prosthetic design when causing peri-implant bio-mechanical complications
  • Treatment of peri-implant mucositis using EMS Glycine air-powder
  • Treatment of peri-implantitis using NB Galvosurge™ surface cleaning
  • Explantation of failing implants & alveolar ridge reconstruction

Oral Surgery

  • Complex tooth extraction and alveolar ridge preservation/regeneration of extraction sites
  • Cyst excision/ enucleation & tissue regeneration
  • Soft tissue and bone augmentation
  • Sinus floor augmentation of pneumatised sinus: Piezo Trans-crestal (intra-osseous) / para-crestal (window osteotomy)

Collaboration based on Confidence

As a referring dentist, you can have full confidence that all your patients will be provided SOLELY with the treatment based on the referral request. Additional dental treatment, when indicated, will be asked to be undertaken in your clinic during or following the undertaking of our referral services.

The Patient Referral Procedures

In order to put the patient’s interest at the centre of our holistic and professional working environment, it is pivotal to apply the most biologically compatible materials, innovative equipment and scientifically evidence-based techniques.

The following steps would facilitate your referral cycle procedure:

    1. Please register your patients by filling out our online submission form below. Additional files, images, or radiographs could be attached if available.
    2. A comprehensive report of periodontal or full-mouth assessment, clinical recommendations, and treatment planning will be provided upon consultation according to the European Society of Periodontology guidelines.
    3. All digital copies of patient consultations, examination reports, Intra-oral scanning, STL files and CBCT DICOM will be emailed to the referring dentists.
    4. A comprehensive report of the treatment outcome will be provided upon completion.
    5. Your patients will be discharged to their referring dentist for continuing care with a full report of the treatment undertaken.

At your request, we will be delighted to provide you with further guidance and clinical support. In order to improve and secure a long-term clinical success, we strongly advise that all the referred patients undertake an individualised Supportive Periodontal and Peri-implant Treatment program.

Our specialist

Dr Nico. H. Kamosi

TDL. DDS. (Swe.), MSc.Perio. (Eng.), MClinDent.Perio.(Eng.), MSc.Imp.Dent.(Eng.), Dip.Aesth.Med. (Eng.), MClinDent.Prosth. (Eng.), Cert., Dip.DHSLM.(RCS.Eng.), Cert.Orth.(Eng.), Cert.Law (Eng.), Senior Clinical Teacher in Periodontology.

In-house Study Club & Mentoring

We offer patient consultation, mono-specialty or multi-disciplinary treatment planning, mentoring, part/ full execution of the following procedures as requested:

  • Implant surgical preparation & planning
  • Implant Prosthetic preparation & planning
  • Aesthetic and functional full-mouth rehabilitation

A holistic multi-disciplinary treatment planning for full mouth rehabilitation will be provided upon your request. We could undertake a part or the entire treatment procedures based on clinical preferences.

Our referring dentists are welcome to present their mono/multi-disciplinary patient cases and we discuss and plan the possible treatment strategies and options available for your patients.

“It is our aspiration to coordinate and enhance the concept and practice of medical, surgical, and cosmetic aspects of our dentistry. We invest continuously in research, education, complex technologies and innovative therapeutic strategies”.

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