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Fees Guide

 A guide to our fees Valid for the period from January 2024

The fees detailed below are for guidance only.

An accurate, individual estimate can only be provided following a thorough examination and full discussion of all available options.

Other treatments are available, and we are happy to provide advice and costs for these on request.

We ask for payment at the time of treatment and, for your convenience, accept Visa, Mastercard, Delta and Maestro cards.

At London Specialist Dentists, we always provide you with a treatment plan and written estimates prior to treatment commencing.

Consultation and Oral Examination Fees
Oral Examination from £150
Full-mouth investigation & Report (incl. X-rays) from £250
Full-mouth rehabilitation Consultation, Scanning & Report (incl. X-rays) from £300
Periodontal Treatment Procedures Fees
Periodontal Consultation, Investigation & Report (incl. X-rays) from £250
Hygienist Treatment by Dentist from £150
Advanced Hygienist Treatment, incl. Air-Flow from £250
Hygienist and Implant Maintenance Treatment, incl. Perio-Flow from £300
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment (Laser-assisted) per quadrant from £750
Regenerative Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment (EMS > LAPT > EMD) per quadrant from £950
Regenerative Surgical Periodontal Treatment (EMS > LAPT > L-PRF/ EMD) per quadrant from £1,200
Correction of gum recession from £800
Correction of gum recession Tunnel technique incl. tissue regeneration from £1,600
Tooth Extraction Procedures Fees
Non-surgical Extraction incl. X-ray (Laser-assisted / Cavitation) from £275
Non-surgical Extraction + Socket preservation (Laser-assisted / Cavitation /L-PRF) from £600
Surgical extraction (Laser-assisted / Cavitation /L-PRF) from £700
Digitalized Surgical & Prosthetic Implantology Fees
Premium Titanium Implant (Guided surgery) from £1,800
Premium Zirconia Implant placement (Guided surgery) from £2000
Premium Ceramic Zirconia Implant Crown from £1,700
Implant Bridge Pontic from £800
Bone Regenerative/ augmentation procedure (GBR) from £800
All-on-4-Implants (Premium Implant, Incl. CBCT & Guided surgery) from £8,000
All-on-4-Implants (Premium Fixed Ceramic Prosthesis) from £12,000
All-on-6-Implants (Premium Implant, Incl. CBCT & Guided surgery) from £12,000
All-on-6-Implants (Premium Fixed Ceramic Prosthesis) from £14,000
Removable Prosthesis on 4 Implants from £6,000
Removable Prosthesis on 6 Implants from £8,000
Sinus augmentation from £1,200
Removable Prostheses Fees
Removable Prostheses Chromium from £1500
Premium Mouth-Guard from £300
Premium Michigan Functional Splint from £800
Anti-snoring Sleep Apnea Apparatus from £1,200
Endodontic Treatment Fees
Endodontic Investigation (Incl. X-rays) from £150
Endodontic Root Canal Treatment from £550
Cosmetic & Restorative Treatment Fees
Home-whitening incl. EMS Air-flow Polishing from £500
Office-Laser whitening, incl. EMS & Air-flow Polishing from £600
Home & Office-Laser whitening, incl. EMS & Air-flow Polishing from £700
Composite Fillings from £250
Composite Bonding from £350
Cosmetic Crowns & Bridges Fees
Ceramic Premium veneer from £900
Ceramic E-Max™ Crown from £850
Ceramic E-Max™ Inlay/ Onlay from £800
Resin-Bonded Bridge from £1,200
Conventional Ceramic Bridge from £2,200
Orthodontic Treatment Procedures Fees
Invisalgn® i7 Express from £2,000
Invisalgn® Lite form £3,800
Invisalgn® Complex from £5,000
Fixed Orthodontic Retainer (per arch) From £500
Invisalgn® Viviera Retainers both arches From £500
Accelerated Orthodontics From £1200
Children’s Dentistry (+12 year) Fees
Exam from £100
Exam and scale and polish from £175
Biologic Fissure sealant per tooth from £80
Amalgam sanitation from £150
Biologic composite filling from £175
Swiss hygienist from £150
Panoramic X-ray (low-dose) from £80
Extraction from £200
Surgical extraction & Laser disinfection from £400
Smile-Design Correction Procedures Fees
Smile Design Consultation Inc. digital scanning & outcome simulation from £500
Smile line correction Per Arch (digitalised guided surgery) from £900

Payment methods

We accept payment for your dental care by card or cash. All Visa, Mastercard debit and credit cards except Amex are accepted. For bank transfers, please contact us.

Deposit, rescheduling and cancellation policy

Our team aims to provide quality dental care to all our clients on schedule and to use clinical time effectively. We understand that unexpected issues may come up, and you may need to reschedule an appointment. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

There will not be a rescheduling or cancellation charge when you contact us at least 24 hours’ notice for 30-minute appointments and 48 hours for any appointment over 30 Minutes.

We regret that there will be a fee of £100 for missed, cancelled or rescheduled appointments without prior notice to cover part of the operational cost and a highly professional team that is ready, reserved and waiting for you.

As a courtesy, we regularly confirm appointments by an automated reminder email the day before scheduled appointments. However, if you do not receive this email, it does not mean we are not waiting for you at your scheduled appointment. We aim to telephone or write to you after a missed appointment to understand the reason for non-attendance.