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The beneficial roles of BioCeramic Materials in Endodontic Dentistry

BioCeramic Bioactive material offers a higher standard as BioActivity in regeneration of Pulp-Root Complex. Bioactive Bioceramic materials in Endodontic promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite on the surface to seal and support healing through the release calcium and hydroxide ions. This material is Biocompatible, Non-cytotoxic, Non-genotoxic, with and initial high pH (alkaline/basic), acting as an antimicrobial material. […]

Zirconia Dental Implants: Advancing the Boundaries of Implantology

Dental implantology has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, each pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in restoring patient smiles. Among the front-runners of these innovations are ceramic zirconia dental implants, bringing together aesthetics, strength, and biocompatibility in a manner hitherto unseen. Understanding Ceramic Dental Implants At their core, dental implants are substitutes for tooth […]

The Intricate Link between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Inflammatory Conditions

The Intricate Link between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Inflammatory Conditions

Unravelling the Link: Periodontal Health and Systemic Inflammation From heart health to the condition of our gums, the human body is an interconnected web of systems and functions. At London Specialist Dentists, we emphasise the importance of holistic dentistry and biological health, as the state of one’s gums can often shed light on other systemic […]

The Art and Science Behind Dental Bridges and Crowns


The Craftsmanship Behind Dental Bridges and Crowns Dentistry isn’t just a medical field; it’s an art form. The precision, attention to detail, and understanding of aesthetics set a regular dental solution apart from an exceptional one. Dental bridges and crowns play an important role in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. At London Specialist Dentists, we believe […]

What are the indications of having ceramic crowns and bridges?

ceramic crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns and bridges have improved during the recent decade in restorative dentistry to improve the aesthetic and chewing functions. We recommend the use of ceramic crowns and bridges under the following clinical circumstances: Tooth decay When a tooth has extensive decay or defect that cannot be repaired satisfactorily with a normal filling, a ceramic […]

The Convergence of Composite Bonding and Holistic Dentistry

The Convergence of Composite Bonding and Holistic Dentistry

Composite Bonding and Holistic Dentistry: An Insight into Modern Dental Care Composite bonding and holistic dentistry stand out as intricate threads, weaving change and innovation in the tapestry of cosmetic dentistry’s evolution. This article provides an academic lens into these areas, drawing upon recent research and exploring their transformative implications for contemporary dental practices. The […]

Enhancing Your Smile The Benefits of Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding

Benefits of Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You cannot make a good first impression if your teeth are stained or discoloured. Teeth whitening and composite bonding are cosmetic dental treatments to regain your lost glistening smile.  Why do you need professional teeth whitening? With time and natural ageing, your teeth may […]

Oral Surgery: An Overview of Common Procedures and What to Expect


Sometimes, your dental problems may need minor oral surgery to cure them. Unlike in the old days, surgical procedures are not painful due to the wide availability of anaesthetics. Most can be done on the dental chair as with any other general dental treatment. Here are some of the most common oral surgical procedures: Surgical […]

What Occlusal Splints and Michigan Splints Are and When they may be Recommended?


What Occlusal Splints and Michigan Splints Are and When they may be Recommended? Both occlusal splints and Michigan splints are removable dental appliances individually customised to each patient to meet their unique occlusal functional needs. Most splints are mainly made of hard acrylic and transparent making them virtually invisible. Occlusal splints are generally designed to […]

The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers: Is This Cosmetic Procedure Right for You?


Dental veneers are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain or composite shells cemented onto your teeth’ front surface. Veneers look similar to natural teeth because they are custom-made according to your healthy remaining teeth. So, they are mostly used to restore the front teeth that can be seen from the outside when you smile and speak. When do […]