All-On-4 per 6-Unit Implants


The concept of ALL-ON 4 or 6 implants for the Straumann® Pro Arch is based on a fixed rehabilitation of removed/missing teeth employing immediate placement and loading of four or six dental implants with a provisional fixed bridge. This requires a careful and comprehensive treatment planning procedure encompassing CBCT radiography, sophisticated surgical procedures, and laboratory stages converting the provisional bridge to the final full-arch prosthesis to provide:

  • Reduced treatment complexity
  • Immediate function and aesthetics
  • Clinical long-term success
  • High patient comfort

Based on the recent scientific literature reviews, it has been concluded that only two 2 appropriately placed posterior respective anterior implants are deemed to support a fixed prosthesis adequately and to avoid the need for undertaking any major bone graft­ing procedures (Mericske-Stern and Worni, 2014).


Straumann offers a comprehensive portfolio for the treatment of edentulous patients, a task that often remains a challenge considering the expectations and clinical limitations involved.

We can help you by evaluating and offering the right solution in London Specialist Dentist clinic, be it removable or fixed restorations and straightforward or advanced indications.

The patient-centred approach promotes the treatment choice based on the specific indication and the patient’s needs, preferences and financial situation.

Peace of mind can be attained when utilising outstanding materials that deliver high performance, strength, and longevity.

Treatment success can be achieved when combining broad treatment options with comprehensive patient communication and practice development tools to foster your practice growth.

Straumann Pro-Arch cross-arch immediate function: A new concept for All-on-4/6