Invisalign or Braces, Which is better?


No one can deny that imperfectness is perfect. Not all of us have the ideal set of teeth yet we all are beautiful in a unique way. However, someone might think of correcting their teeth to improve their appearance and functions to ease their daily life. Over the years, orthodontic treatments have evolved from traditional braces to Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign vs Braces

Virtually invisible

Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign clear aligners can hardly be noticed as they are made of transparent plastic material. Braces are normally constructed using stainless steel which is silver in color and highlights when you smile, speak and eat. With Invisalign, you don’t need to hide your beautiful smile anymore.

Easily removable

Clear aligners can be easily taken out when you eat and brush your teeth. If you feel like not wearing any type of appliance inside the mouth when you attend an occasion, you have the option of removing the Invisalign for a few hours. With braces, you cannot even think of removing them.

Faster results

We expect immediate results out of any treatment option. The best thing about Invisalign is that it can align your teeth faster than conventional braces.

More comfortable

Conventional braces have a lot of wire components which make them bulkier. So, they hinder the aesthetics and functions. They might alter the pronunciations and articulation of speech. It makes you uncomfortable when food particles get accumulated around the wires. Some may avoid smiling during the whole treatment procedure. Fortunately, Invisalign hugs your teeth so close that it doesn’t need any wires for retention. It doesn’t contain any metallic components. Clear aligners are thin and versatile. So, they are more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Zero food restrictions

With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want whereas braces always limit your food choices to none sticky and soft in texture.

Less traumatizing

Wires in braces can easily break and get loosened while eating and brushing teeth.

The broken pointy metallic parts in the conventional braces can irritate the soft tissues inside the mouth. They may cause bleeding and ulceration if not properly mended.

Easier to clean

It’s hard to brush and you cannot floss around the braces whereas cleaning Invisalign is far easier after removing it. You can brush all the surfaces of the appliance and keep it clean.

Better oral hygiene

Invisalign ensures that you can maintain your dental hygiene without any problem as it gives you the freedom to brush and floss your natural teeth as you used to do. Since the braces are not removable, the plaque gets accumulated around the braces as well as teeth and you cannot maintain proper routine brushing and flossing. Thus, braces might induce the growth of infectious bacteria and lead to periodontal diseases like swollen gums. We always recommend booking regular visits with a dental hygienist at London Specialist Dentist.

Better compliance

For orthodontic treatment to be successful, patient compliance is a must. As the clear aligners are comfortable to wear, patients especially children are more cooperative wearing Invisalign than the traditional braces. So, parents don’t need to worry about their children being reluctant to wear orthodontic appliances.

After weighing all the pros and cons, dentists recommend wearing Invisalign aligners where possible over traditional braces. Dr Nico Kamosi at London Specialist Dentists is a approved Invisalign provider.