What to expect at first Invisalign consultation

Invisalign latest innovations following consistent and extensive research in the fields of biomechanical and material science offer now almost every individual with misaligned teeth the opportunity to address the oral problems caused by inherited and/or developed misaligned teeth (e.g. Overbite, under-bite, open-bite, cross-bite, crowding dentition, spacing).

During your orthodontic consultation, clinical examination and photography, study models are provided from your teeth based on which a preliminary tooth-movement treatment plan is animated. You and your doctor will be able to evaluate your final treatment outcome following the use of a series of custom-fabricated smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic aligners which would gradually, gently and efficiently straighten your misaligned teeth toward the most possibly appropriate position to give you a better bite, healthier gum and the most beautiful smile you have ever wished to obtain.

Under the supervision of your doctor, you will be able to insert your new set of aligners every two or three weeks. The Invisalign can give you a more confident smile during the early stages of wearing the aligners without interfering with your daily activities. At the same time, your colleagues and friends may hardly notice that you are straightening your teeth.

First, you need to consult with one of the trained and certified Invisalign doctors who could schedule your initial consultation to determine whether your teeth could successfully be straightened using Invisalign. If so, your doctor will provide the Invisalign centre with radiographs, photographs, and models from your teeth, which will be used to create a digitally made 3-D animation for the virtual presentation of your teeth’ exact movement in sequential stages. Once the initial movement and planning approach is considered to grant the best possible orthodontic treatment outcome, you will be informed more about the complexity, extent, duration, and eventual cost involved in your entire treatment course.

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The clinical outcome after 7 months of orthodontic treatment by Invislaign Aligners (Courtesy: DR Nico Kamosi).