Benefits of Composite Bonding or White Filling

Composite Bonding London
We all love to have a bright white attractive smile. White dentistry in the 21st century allows everybody to have a dreamy smile. White dentistry includes dental procedures that improve the aesthetics of teeth gifting you white teeth. 

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is adding a white filling onto a tooth. Composite bonding is used:
  • To repair chipped-off teeth 
  • To repair worn-off edges 
  • To close gaps
  • To change the shape 
  • To make teeth longer and bigger
  • To change the shade of teeth 
  • As a composite veneer that covers the full surface of the tooth

What are the benefits of composite bonding?

Improves the esthetic

As composite comes in a wide range of shades, it allows the dentist to select the shade of composite that matches the colour of your natural teeth. So, your fillings will be virtually invisible.

Need only less preparation of teeth

Composite bonding and white fillings are conservative dental procedures. Unlike many other materials, composite has a special property of chemical adherence to the natural tooth substance. Thus, composite only needs less preparation of tooth substance for the retention of the filling. 

Enhances self-confidence and self-esteem 

No one will notice that you have any artificial dental work inside your mouth. So they will not harm your self-esteem or confidence in social encounters. 

Immediate results

Composite bonding and white fillings don’t need any post-treatment preparations. Therefore, you can go to an event straight after the dental appointment. 

Zero food restrictions

Indeed, composite needs some high protection within the first 24 hours after filling. It’s better to avoid any hard food on the same day. However, they won’t limit you from enjoying any food type if you as long as you are careful with tough food items over the fillings. 

How long does it take to do a composite bonding or white filling?

Composite bonding appointments generally are an hour or two hours long. However, the duration of the treatment hugely depends on how many teeth are to be treated.

How long do composite bonding and white fillings last?

On average, a composite filling will last for five to ten years. However, the lifetime of a white filling depends on how well you maintain it as well. It’s important that you maintain your routine dental care with proper brushing and flossing after getting white fillings. 
Seeing the dental hygienist and your dentist at least every six months for a professional examination is important to make sure that your teeth and fillings are in good condition. Proper care of your natural teeth as well as the composite bonding s and white fillings will make them last longer. 
Like your natural teeth, composite bonding can also chip and wear off but it’s very easy to repair if that does happen.

Can composite bonding be whitened?

Dentists always recommend doing teeth whitening before composite bonding treatments if you’re interested in changing the colour of your teeth because they can add the composite that matches the new colour of your teeth afterwards. 

Holistic Approach

Composite is commonly used to replace silver fillings. Instead, we use biocompatible white, metal-free resin material. Composite fillings are an excellent option in holistic dentistry as they are mercury-free and not toxic.