Main Reasons Why Invisalign is The Best Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign Case Studies

Having a beautiful smile makes our lives better indeed. However, developing not-so-perfectly-aligned teeth should not refrain you from achieving your dreamy smile because orthodontic treatment can help you to attain a perfect smile. Modern dentistry is rich in mesmerising technology so orthodontists can recreate your smile better than ever. 

You don’t have to suffer with old conventional braces anymore as Invisalign, the newest orthodontic technology has changed patients’ lives in a better way. 

Here are 7 fascinating facts about Invisalign which make it the best orthodontic treatment.

1.Virtually invisible

Invisalign is also called clear aligners as they are made of transparent plastic. So, it won’t be visible outside. It’s difficult for someone to notice that you are wearing any appliance inside your mouth. Thus Invisalign won’t affect your aesthetics and personality during social encounters.


Invisalign makes your life easier as it gives you the option of removing it when you eat and brush your teeth. As well you can remove them at a social event if you feel like it’s better without any appliances. Of course, the removability of Invisalign opens up a lot of other advantages making it the best available orthodontic treatment. 

 3.Zero food restrictions

Sadly, traditional braces always limit your food choices. But the best thing about Invisalign is that you can eat whatever you want no matter if it’s sticky or hard. You just have to keep your Invisalign device aside whenever you eat and enjoy your meal as usual.

4.Easy cleansing

It’s difficult to clean the braces because of the fragile and complicated metallic components. However, you can easily clean Invisalign clear aligners after removing them.

5.Better oral hygiene

It’s important to maintain proper dental hygiene when you wear an appliance since they increase the risk of plaque accumulation and bacterial activity inside the mouth. Invisalign doesn’t interfere with maintaining your oral hygiene because you can brush and floss your teeth as usual once you remove it. Limiting the ability to perform proper routine hygiene practices is one of the major drawbacks of the other fixed orthodontic devices.

6.Fast results

Unlike braces, Invisalign is a device that hugs your teeth so close and does small tooth movements readily which allows faster results in no time than with conventional braces. However, it’s crucial to wear your clear Invisalign at least 16-20 hours per day to accelerate the results.

7.Less discomfort 

As Invisalign is an ultimate modern plastic device with super smooth edges and it doesn’t contain any wire components, it won’t irritate the soft tissues in the mouth. Thus it won’t be difficult for you to wear it all day long. 

Conventional orthodontic treatments always steal your smile and decrease your self-esteem during the treatment procedure. On the contrary, Invisalign will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem by giving you the best smile you can wish for.

The most exquisite fact about Invisalign is that you will never lose your smile during the Invisalign clear aligner treatment.