14 Easy Tips on How to Maintain Denture Hygiene

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A denture is a versatile device that increases the quality of your life by functioning in place of your lost teeth. So, it’s essential to maintain both dental and denture hygiene for the rest of your life.

You can always visit our dental hygienist at London Specialist Dentists Clinic to get more advice.

Here are 14 easy tips for maintaining denture hygiene.

1. Handle the dentures carefully

When handling dentures, be careful not to drop and shatter them. To ensure that dentures do not break even if they unintentionally slide from your hands, it is preferable to place a folded cloth or a water basin inside the sink.

2. Regularly brush your dentures

Just like with your natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning. Simply allocate time to cleaning a denture if you are not used to doing so until it becomes a habit. Using mild hand soap and somewhat warm water, gently brush in a circular motion. Be sure to brush each area carefully.

3. Rinse your dentures after meals

After eating, food particles may become stuck on teeth and denture surfaces. After each meal, it’s best to take your dentures out and rinse them under running water. Your dentures will stay fresh and clean so that any bacterial effects will be avoided.

4. Remove the dentures before going to bed

To give the tissues inside the mouth time to heal from irritation from the denture, removing your dentures for at least six hours each day is preferable. Additionally, dental professionals suggest removing dentures before bed because there is a chance that they could be accidentally swallowed while you sleep.

5. Soak the dentures in lukewarm water overnight

It is preferable to soak them in warm water or a special denture cleaning solution devoid of chemicals that roughen surfaces. It will clean the denture surfaces of tartar and food debris. Denture cleaning solutions also aid in eradicating dangerous bacteria that can lead to foul breath and dental conditions.

6. Constantly wash your dentures before putting them in your mouth

Most denture cleaning solutions may include dangerous substances that, if consumed, can have negative effects.

Therefore, rinse the dentures before putting them in your mouth the next morning.

7. Maintain the health of your entire mouth

Maintaining good oral health is crucial for maintaining good general health. Healthy gums also aid in the optimal retention of dentures. Even if you don’t have any natural teeth, you should carefully brush your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth to get rid of bacteria and tartar. Make sure to brush and floss your remaining natural teeth thoroughly. Our gum specialists at London Specialist Dentists can help with any questions.

8. Never use anything sharp on dentures

Your mouth may become painful from having rough dentures. As a result, when cleaning or washing your dentures, stay away from using sharp or rough things. Your dentures might be damaged by even a toothpick. Over the dentures, only ever use gentle cleaning agents and delicate brushes.

9. Avoid cleaning products with coarse particles

Dentures can be harmed by abrasives and brushes with stiff bristles. You have to use a soft-bristled brush, gentle toothpaste and cleaning solutions to brush the dentures.

10. Avoid using bleaching or toothpaste products

There is no effect of whiteners on teeth because evidence suggests that whitening chemicals simply alter or diminish the colour of denture teeth.

11. Avoid using boiling water

Never place dentures in hot water. Your dentures will simply become looser and deformed. Always keep them in lukewarm water.

12. Refrain from tugging while eating

To prevent any harm to dentures, it’s crucial to learn how to eat with them properly. Always try to eat small pieces and avoid biting into hard objects.

13. Never neglect your dentures

Don’t overlook your dentures because they are a vital part of your daily life. To stop the impacts of bacteria, constantly keep them clean and sanitized.

14. Schedule visits with your dentist

To ensure that your mouth and your dentures are properly examined, it is preferable to visit your dentist. To avoid any discomfort when speaking and eating, the dentist will check your dental health and make sure that your dentures are properly fitted.

So, if you believe your dentures are loose, request an appointment with one of our dentists at London Specialist Dentists immediately.