Is Invisalign Suitable for Kids?


Indeed, it’s difficult to treat children for any kind of disease or condition. Especially they don’t like to wear some burdensome appliance in their mouth whole day. However, when it comes to orthodontic treatments sometimes it’s earlier the better. So, like it or not we have to provide kids with orthodontic appliances to correct the malalignments.

The good news is newer technologies have made orthodontic appliances more bearable even for children. Invisalign or clear aligners are a type of orthodontic to correct mild to moderate malalignments in the dental arch. They have gained much popularity around the world as they come in handy with a lot of benefits than traditional braces.

Why is it important for kids to wear orthodontic appliances, especially Invisalign?

  • Early intervention is necessary to prevent further progression of the existing orthodontic problem. It will help to reduce the need for advanced orthodontic treatments with fixed/non-removable appliances or invasive surgery.
  • Kids are very playful that they are at risk of trauma. Orthodontic devices like Invisalign will cover the teeth and protect them from trauma.
  • Mal-aligned teeth may develop psychological stress in children. Sometimes friends might bully them for the appearance of their teeth. Invisalign at early stages will give the kids a sense of security and will improve their self-esteem.

Why is Invisalign suitable for kids?

  1. Virtually invisible

Invisalign is made of transparent plastic material and they hug the teeth closely as they are customized for each individual. Thus, they are hardly noticeable from the outside. Other kids won’t bully them for wearing an unaesthetic device made of metal. So, kids won’t refuse to wear the Invisalign.

  1. Comfortable to wear

Traditional braces with a lot of wire work will irritate and damage the child’s soft tissues over time. Invisalign with well-contoured and smoothed edges will not disturb the child’s daily life.

  1. Removable

Removability of the Invisalign is the prime advantage of an appliance with kids. It’s difficult to clean traditional braces because they cannot be removed due to the complex wire work. However, Invisalign aligners can be cleaned well after removal. Parents can ensure that the child’s teeth as well as the device are always perfectly clean. As well parents don’t have to worry about the child developing dental diseases like caries and gum disease during the orthodontic treatment.

  1. No food restrictions

Traditional braces limit kids’ food choices. They can’t eat hard and sticky food with conventional braces. The best thing that kids admire about Invisalign is that they can eat and drink whatever they want after removing the appliance.

Parents should make sure that the child wears the appliance at least 20-22 hours per day to get faster results. Yet it’s not so difficult to convince the children to wear the Invisalign clear aligners as they are more comfortable than the braces.

Thus, Invisalign clear aligners are a better alternative for kids than traditional braces. With Invisalign technology, well-trained orthodontists can treat cases ranging from simple to complex.

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