Why patients would choose a white dental implant?

White Dental Implants London

Without compromising on aesthetics, functionality, London Specialists Dentists are of the opinion that with enhanced strength and aesthetics Metal-free White Ceramic Dental Implants fulfil every demanding patient and clinician’s expectation to replace the titanium metal implants with confidence.

An online survey with revealed that 87% of the 1000 patients would choose a white dental implant.

The increasing demands on the use of holistic dentists for metal-free natural looking dental materials and restorations along with the advances in material science, technology, and development, our implant patients can now benefit from the highly aesthetic and strong natural ceramic implants. Not like the titanium implants, these ivory-coloured natural ceramic implants would not shine through a thin gingival biotype.

One type of the white implants is Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant, which has proved to have a 3-year excellent clinical performance with 97.5 % success and survival rate. The latest high-performance zirconia ceramic (Y-TZP) with superior fatigue strength to the grade-4 titanium implants has been successfully used for a long time in orthopeadics. The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant combines unprecedented strength, precision, and clinical success implemented in a pure Ceramic Swiss quality innovative solution.

Similar micro-roughness surface and osseo-integration properties of high-performance zirconia ceramic (Y-TZP) provides healing time comparable to the well documented Titanium SLA® surface while results in a much less plaque attachment responsible for implants long-term biological failure. On the other hand, more favourable blood circulation, soft tissue attachment, papilla formation and excellent aesthetic outcomes around the ceramic implants were demonstrated after a 3-5 year follow-up when compared to the Titanium implants.

Zeramex® Zirconium implants, a similar new generation of the white ceramic dental implants offer high material density, hardness, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. The corrosion-resistance ceramic and its low plaque affinity results in low risk of inflammation. These types of implants also provide 100% metal-free and biocompatible amorphous carbon-coated Zeradrill drills® with outstanding cutting performance and smoothness for atraumatic bone preparation.

Zeramex®Zirconium implants, with more than 15 years of experience have reported a 98 % success rate and osseo-integration comparable to the titanium implants.Zeramex offers two-piece individual abutments, gingiva formers and 100% Carbon-Ceramic technology designated for strong, resilient and long-lasting implant-abutment screw-retained connection.

The Zeramex® zirconium oxide peri-implant soft tissue seal, blood flow and the orientation of the collagen fibres are shown to be comparable to periodontal soft tissue around the natural teeth. On the other hand the low plaque affinity and bacterial adhesion explains the presence of a lower level of plaque retention hence peri-implant diseases.

Our experienced Implant Dentist in London Specialists Dentists use the latest technology and innovations in the field of implant dentistry. Zeramex® provides flexibility, and predictability thorough out the restorative work flow hence reduced risk for long-term bio-mechanical failures.

For more information and explanation, please ask Nico Kamosi at the time od dental implant specialist consultation.